Project Outline

Once the IAA start date arrives, program work can begin. Below is an overview of the steps that make up that work.

Administrative needs

  • Schedule a kick-off meeting
  • Identify the agency core team
  • Create the project repository
    • Grant agency core team access to the project repository
  • Request access to website analytics for complete web presence
    • Ensure that this includes website analytics for pre-existing API documentation
  • Request access to API analytics of pre-existing APIs
  • Beginning planning for after the period of performance ends

Launch the API capacity

  • Create a instance for the agency
  • Create accounts for the agency core team
  • Coordinate 18F access to agency instance
  • Install autoapi in the agency’s instance
  • Decide on API base url
  • Decide on autoapi base url
  • Request API baseurl from agency IT
  • Set up for the agency
  • Configure with autoapi base url
  • Activate for the autoapi instance
  • Update the autoapi instance with the url
  • Create initial APIs using new engine
  • Test autoapi instance
  • Test limits of the API
  • Grant S3 access to agency core team

Build the developer hub

  • Create agency GitHub org if it does not already exist
  • Create a repository for proposed developer hub
  • Review developer hub templates
  • Implement a developer hub template
  • Customize the developer hub with initial API resources
  • Integrate pre-existing APIs and documentation into developer hub
  • Review hosting options for developer hub
  • Choose a domain for the developer hub
  • Request developer hub URL from agency IT
  • Apply URL to developer hub
  • Deprecate legacy api documentation

Train agency staff

  • Train core team on the fundamentals
  • Weigh wider staff training
  • Weigh training for core team on expanded topics
  • Develop plan for continued iteration of API design

Engage Developers

  • Identify existing developer community
  • Identify developer engagement forums
  • Consider potential developer community
  • Create a developer engagement plan
  • Solicit developer feedback on current, potential APIs
  • Develop plans for continued iteration of the developer documentation
  • Weigh additional developer resources

General Implementation

  • Survey existing APIs
  • Survey existing data resources
  • Survey data download analytics
  • Weigh transition of pre-existing APIs into autoapi engine
  • Document baseline measurements
  • Develop a short, medium, and long term plan for API expansion
  • Provide suggestions for improvement to pre-existing APIs and developer resources that do not get migrated
  • Review metrics over time
  • Review candidates for further API creation
  • Prototype dogfooding the agency APIs
  • Develop plans for further dogfooding of the agency APIs


  • Assemble and share all documentation
  • Align the program with oyther current or upcoming 18F/agency engagements
  • Review transition needs for the program
  • Document transition processes
  • Begin agency transition and isolate outstanding issues
  • Identify outstanding transition issues and address with agency