What the IAA process looks like

The goal of this website is to help you understand what the API Program provides so that you can decide if it interests you. Feel free at any time to reach out and we can schedule a call or in-person visit to go into greater detail and answer any questions you have.

The following material attempts to answer common questions about the engagement. Our staff are available to work with you to onboard this program at your agency whenever you are ready.

18F provides work to agencies through Inter-Agency Agreements that require us to recoup our expenses. We don’t make a profit but rather charge for the labor and resources that we deliver you.

This service provides:

  • A FISMA low cloud.gov instance
  • The autoapi stack hosted in your cloud.gov instance
  • 240 hours of training, consulting, and engagement

The cost of this service is $75,000. The period of performance would be 4 months, begining with the date of final signatures on the Inter-Agency Agreement.

The Inter-Agency Agreement for this project can be found here.

Once we have answered any questions you have, if you are interested in pursuing this service, here are the next steps:

  • Investigate internally which parts of your agency will need to be involved in your the signing and implementing of this IAA.
  • Have those individuals review the details of the Inter-Agency Agreement. If they have questions, we are happy to answer them.
  • Coordinate with Gray Brooks, who will confirm the IAA details.
  • Circulate the proposed documents for acceptance on your end. Email us with copies of the IAA documents that have been signed by your points of contact.
  • We will then reciprocate with signatures from our officials and the engagement can begin.