One quickly realizes that generating APIs is a half measure; that in order to implement a successful API program, one also needs to engage with developers, solicit feedback, and iterate the APIs and documentation in order to improve the developer experience. This is a never ending state of being. A responsible and successful API program is never done listening to its developers and refining its offerings (this is just at Google and Amazon as it is in government!).

We intentionally designed the API engine itself to be very easy to manage, In support of agile methodologies, we’ll launch an initial set of APIs and focus on gathering developer feedback to inform further iterations. In other words, we’ll devote a signficant portion of our time together to engaging with the developers who use your APIs and improving their experience. The more we do this, the more we’ll attract new developers and the more that they will use your APIs to build useful products.

At a minimum, we will have four sources of developer feedback to process and respond to:

  • A public feedback section on your developer hub
  • API key registrations
  • API usability sessions
  • Social media outreach

For more details on developer engagement, see the agency manual.