APIs are an efficient, flexible option for sharing your agency’s services and information with the public. Once an API program is in place, distributing more and more data to broader audiences can be quick, simple, and secure. APIs provide a foundation upon which you and the public can build customizable tools, like an app, website, widget, or research project. Learn more about the benefits and business cases for APIs.

Why Use This Program

Even with guidance and support, an agency might still take years to launch an API program. This service offers a comprehensive solution to help agencies quickly launch a fully functioning API program.

What This Offers Your Agency

In consultation with your team, an 18F project lead and developer will build the following in 3-4 months:

  • Production-ready APIs hosted on cloud.gov
  • Developer-friendly documentation
  • Training for agency staff and leadership on the role of APIs for your agency and how to maintain the program going forward
  • Robust API analytics to understand how the public is using your APIs (free to your team indefinitely)

Who Should Use This Program

Small, medium, and large agencies are all good candidates for this program. Even at agencies with API programs already in existence, the capacity has often not been scaled out as a ready resource for all teams. The API Program provides an easily launched capacity that is both lightweight and robust, such that multiple teams within one agency could easily share an instance or each want to onboard their own in order to maximize convenience and customization.